Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Free information on how to meditate today

Greetings fellow humans.

In this day in age, we have so many distractions in our daily lives that we lose focus of what is important: giving and receiving love. We get so wrapped up in the tomorrow and the yesterday that we forget to be here and now.

I want the human race to progess foreword, so I am offering this free guide on how to start meditating.

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So, what I do personally when I meditate, is I calm myself down, I sit in a comfortable position, and just quite my mind, forget about my troubles, the things on my mind, my worries, my whatever.
My goal when I practice mediation is to cool my mind out, to get into that totally calm center part of myself.

I prefer to do this in the dark, in silence.
I find that if I get wrapped up in life and I don't mediate for a few days, I become depressed, anxious and life seems chaotic, but once I sit down and cool my self out, I feel 5 billion percent better.

If you suffer from Depression or anxiety, meditation will virtually remove all of your symptoms.
Mediation if practiced daily can heal any ailments you have.

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